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Our Mission & Values

Hello, my name is Melcolm and I am the founder of Donato Dass. Born in raised in Vancouver, British Columbia. The most beautiful city in the world, where the mountains meet the beaches. I was raised on video games and basketball, climbing trees and causing trouble (being good all the time was boring). I had great friends growing up, having fun and learning and experiencing life together. I have always been an adventurous person, always willing to try new things, get my hands muddy, and just have fun. But I'm also a very hard worker, and being raised by practically a single mother who raised four children with little help, it raised me into the man I am today. 

I believe I am a masculine man. And that is why I am building this company. It pains me and sickens me to the core that men are becoming less and less like MEN. I don't mean the traditional sense where you should toughen up and hide your emotions. I'm talking about men who are afraid to pursue what they truly want, that are afraid to approach the person they like, men who don't have a backbone, men who idolize and worship others instead of believing in themselves first and foremost. I'm talking about men who choose not to better themselves out of laziness, men who make excuses, men who don't take responsibility for their actions, and men who do one thing and say another.

I built this brand to help bring back what we've been suppressing within ourselves for the last handful of decades: masculinity. I've decided a great way to provide value to this community and also profit is by creating Bold and Masculine Jewelry. Jewelry created to enhance a man's look, to help him look and feel more confident, and to stand out amongst the others. So he (or even she!) can go out there and conquer the challenges ahead of him. Instead of falling short and deciding to not try again.

All our jewelry is designed and hand picked carefully. With the most premium metals from our amazing manufacturing team, we craft and product men's jewelry with the utmost attention to detail. With our team's exceptional carving, detailing, and finishing you will see why we have exceptional reviews and why thousands of individuals have purchased and wear our jewelry to this day. Because it's more than just making a profit.

It's about creating real impact and real change. Impacting the lives of real men and helping them become better. Dressing them better, which improves how they see themselves.

THAT is why we do what we do. 

We will continue to do this, and play our part. Because it's much bigger than us, however, we believe we can add value to the marketplace. With our cutting edge designs, our sleek and modern display, and finished with a bold touch, there's no end in sight for us. 

We hope you enjoy our jewelry half as much as we enjoy serving you, because we're having a ball!
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