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How to wear your jewelry for a night out

How to wear your jewelry for a night out

Nights are especially special. Especially when you’re going out with friends to the club, visiting some cool lounges or bars with that special someone, or a fun, relaxing date night. The night always has something to offer for everyone, and when you go out you want to have fun and look great. 

Finding the perfect outfit can be a little time consuming, but pairing the right jewelry to the right outfit for the right occasion can be a little daunting at times. How do you know what to choose? Will it look good on me? Will it look good with this outfit? Will it stand out too much? Other than the fact that I’m throwing all these extra doubts in your head to never jewelry, you can clearly see that is matters. So… how can we wear our jewelry so it’ll compliment our look?

Let it speak for you

Unfortunately, people judge another no matter what. So if you’re going to get judged anyway, why dress to what you think they will like? The jewelry you wear, and how you wear it says a lot about you, so go with your own choices. If you like rap music, maybe some classic Cuban chains will do the trick. If you’re a minimalist; then go with a feint and dainty necklace and bracelet. It’s your style, so you choose what type of jewelry is right for you. Also, if you wear somebody else’s style and you get complimented for it, you may feel as if you do not deserve the credit. If you earn a compliment going with your style, you can feel good that you worked on your look and added value to someone else for being original.

Don’t go overboard

Sometimes, too much is... too much. Do you ever see people with 12 different bracelets on, 4 different rings, and 6 different chains? Like bro, do you just grab every shirt and put it on top of the other every day? Or rappers with 43 different damn chains? I get it, you want to flex, but it just distracts the point of the jewelry; to stand out. It looks tacky even if the jewelry is worth a hundred thousand a chain. You don’t want to be overbearing and doing too much, because it will remove the point of your jewelry.

Here’s a good example of not doing too much. He’s wearing two different chains, but they don’t defeat the purpose of each other, complement one another, and still look clean. That is how jewelry should be worn.

Compliment your features

Have nice eyes? Do you take pride in your ears (Haha, I don’t know!)? Use your jewelry to accentuate your physical features. If you have a great chest area, then pull out the feature and bring attention to it with a quality chain or chains. If you have nice hands, then you can stand out even further with some of our best selling rings. Slender bracelet? Then wear something possibly a little bit more bold and contrasting, or match it with something smaller. What i’m trying to get to is, we have a ton of great items at our store.. Click the link… blah blah blah. I’m just kidding, the moral of the story is have nice wrists and hands and eyes! Just kidding again! You know what your best physical features are. Think of how you can bring them out even more with jewelry.

Have fun with it

You should feel good when wearing the right jewelry, bringing out an extra layer of confidence, joy, or any other positive emotion. Imagine wearing jewelry that makes you angry, that’d be just terrible. Style different items with different outfits, wear different pieces together. It’s all about making it work as a whole, so just be creative and free. Don’t let anything hold back and experiment with it. You may find a whole new look just from messing around. Which is actually pretty cool, so go give it a shot.

Make the best of your nights out, and look clean and fresh every single time. Old or young, jewelry is that little bit extra to add style and look to you and your personality. If you’re looking for quality pieces to style your life up, visit our website and look for items that are right for you.

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